Thursday, November 12, 2015

Daily Reflection for 11/12/2015

We must always come to the aide of those in need, even if ultimately their motives or intentions in seeking our aid and assistance are not honorable. We must never judge another person or withhold the love of  Christ from anyone, for Christ is in all. We must pray and hope that by the example of our unselfish giving and love, the heart's of those we serve will, in turn, be infused with the love of God and the light of Christ. It is by what we do for others, and what we did not do, that we will be judged by Christ on the Day of Judgment,. Thus, we must attend to this important obligation with great care and attention. Our charity and good works must always be done with an open heart; we must never seek anything in return for the good works and deeds we do for others, for if we do, they become worthless and will be to our condemnation.